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Feeling Secure

One of the important insights that has landed for me recently is about relationships and feeling secure. When we talk about showing up to life, about living a full life. Our experience of that can only go as deep as

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Fynn’s Miracle: a 7 Year Old’s Enlightenment

Just want to share something… Last night I had a massive breakthrough with my son. Two months ago I posted my request for help and asked if someone’s out there who has experience in working with autistic kids. At this

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Our Place In the Yoga Tradition

Our Place In the Yoga Tradition It has been years since swami’s and other learned masters have been coming to the USA to teach us. For me it has been 30 + years – decades. We are still practicing and

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Being Perfectly You

What makes you, “perfect just the way you are” In the past, it used to drive me crazy when people would tell me, but Sandhya stop trying so hard, you are perfect just the way you are. I would think

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